Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Extravaganza (May 14-16)

John and I went to Singapore for the Herbalife Extravaganza Meeting, a meeting for Asia-Pacific Herbalifers. We were told that it was a life transforming meeting and a “must-go” event. We travelled there by bus with the rest of the group after midnight on May 13. There were 18,000 people attending the conference at Singapore Expo!

John found the rags to riches testimonies of the Herbalifers from several countries inspiring. While I do find the stories encouraging, I also found it disappointing because it was all hype and very little learning experience for me. I had heard that Chairman of the Herbalife Scientific Medical Advisory Board Prof Dr David Heber would be coming all the way from the United States and I was looking forward to gaining some technical knowledge from him and even ask some questions but nothing like that happened.

It would also been helpful if the speakers shared about how they overcome certain common questions or challenges.

I found the Spectaculars meeting in KL in January this year a lot more interesting than the Extravaganza.

Anyway, at least I have learnt more about the company and the holistic values it promotes and totally liked it.

Lining up to register for the Extravaganza. Malaysia counter has the longest line.

May 14 - On the first day of the session, we were not entitled to enter the meeting. So we joined the crowd and sat outside Hall 1 and listened to the talk from a radio reception.

May 15 - Session for General Training

Lining up to get in. Massive crowd! Sigh! I dislike crowds. Makes me go crazy.

Main speaker Dan Waldron.

May 16 - This is how it looked like during break outside the hall. Since this was our first Extravaganza, we found it really colourful. There were a lot of bartering going on with Herbalifers from different countries exchanging t-shirts, badges and products that they could not get in their countries. Some people also sold some products or souvenirs.

A young man requesting for "Lift-Off" for an exchange for his products.

At the Exhibition Hall where Herbalife products were also sold.