Tuesday, June 8, 2010

More changes

It’s now more than five months since we went on Herbalife weight loss and nutrition programme. I have lost 5.5kg, from 63.3kg down to 57.8kg. I lost the most amount of weight in the first three months of the programme – 5kg.
Actually, that was considered slow, because I only took it for breakfast and half the time I did not take it for dinner but have a light-to-moderate dinner. But I am really happy with the results. I was fortunate to be able to lose weight despite taking it only once a day because my metabolic rate was good. If the metabolic rate is low, it would be difficult to lose weight.
My close friends said I now look superb while acquaintances thought I was in my late 20s or in my 30s. I really didn't expect that because before the programme, I thought I often looked tired.

John too has lost similar amount of weight from 82kg to 76.5kg. However, he seemed to have lost more inches than I have and his abdomen had shrunk to half the size.
We feel a lot lighter and healthier these days. My clothes are all now so loose. Well, in John’s words, the “disadvantage” of consuming Herbalife is – we have to start looking for new clothes! John actually managed to fit into a pair of jeans that he had not worn for five years. Yeah, it is a bit old-fashion but he doesn’t care. I guess we can’t be picky for now.
What I really did not expect was a good control of arthritic symptoms. Until now, I have no more pains in my fingers. I used to cry out in pain if I happened to wake up in the middle of the night and found myself sleeping on my hand or see my hand above my chest. Recently, I did the same, but found that there was no more pain. The memory of the pain was so deep in the subconscious that it has not yet accepted this new reality. In the past, I also could not sleep on my sides for my hands would hurt. And if I ate any fried food, my hands would feel like they were burning from inside at the end of the day. (More of this could be read in my earlier writings).
I still have no idea how the tea mix helps me but it does like no other premium teas I have taken in the past. The only reason I could find is that the tea contains a high level of anti-oxidants and the 55 types of vitamins and minerals in the shake nourished my cells.

Here are other changes I see in myself after taking Herbalife products for more than 5 months:
1. More alert and focused.
2. No more cravings for oily or sweet food.
3. Do not have cravings and hunger pangs or suffers from the blues during menstruation.
4. No more bad breath especially when without food for more than four hours.
5. Flatter abdomen. I recalled passing out a lot of “waste” on the first three days.
6. Better complexion and less water retention.
7. Offers me a better alternative than fried food outside (which I can now eat in limited amounts). I believe the oil had been recycled so many times. Sadly, people don’t know how toxic/carcinogenic that is and one wonders why there was no enforcement on recycled oil.

Here are the changes in John:
1. No longer sleepy in the afternoons.
2. When John started on Herbalife on a consistent basis, he initially had sinusitis attacks that were worse than before. He took nasal spray which has steroid sometime ago and his problem subsided but triggered again when he moved into a different place after marriage. When he first took Herbalife shake and tea, the attacks seem to worsen for over a month. But since then, it had subsided. The symptoms might be aggravated at the initial phase when the body is going through healing crisis. Then again, we are also not sure if the condition in my apartment had triggered it because he said he started getting it when he moved into the apartment.
3. John had also started taking Aloe vera concentrate and that seemed to help his often bloated stomach. The shake and tea have helped to shrink his abdomen a lot but it is still big because he doesn’t exercise, which we need to start doing again.
4. Less sickly.

We cannot imagine how a simple product can help regain our health and shape.