Sunday, November 13, 2011

Significant difference

A friend told us during a dinner get-together that her father’s cholesterol level had reduced from 7.5 mmol/L to 5.5 mmol/L after going on cellular nutrition for two months.
Another acquaintance shared that he used to suffer from 28 epileptic seizures a month despite being on medication, but since he started on cellular nutrition, the seizure had gone down to once a month. He was totally caught by surprise.
A mother who has a daughter born with allergies, started giving her a whole range of cellular nutrition when she first discover about cellular nutrition. The girl was six years old then. Initially, it was bad. The girl began to have more allergies but the mother kept giving it to her knowing that the cleansing effect was taking place. After six months of seriously taking the nutrition, her skin cleared up. She is now 12 years old and my husband and I could not believe that she had suffered severe allergies before. Her skin is so smooth. No one would have known that she had suffered much skin problems and scars before.
Those with allergic reaction should not worry but should persevere. Drinking a lot of water is a must during such a time. There are ways to reduce the allergic reaction. Just ask the coachJ . Those who had gone through the path will tell you that they reap sweet results after persevering through the “storm.”
I have been reading that people should just rely on natural food and forget about supplements if they are healthy. An article in an English newspaper I read mentioned that the extra money should be spent on fruits and vegetables. While I agree that people should consume more raw vegetables and fruits, how many Malaysians do that? By that, I mean 5 servings a day as recommended by dieticians? I have not come across a Malaysian who does that on a daily basis. I find it difficult to achieve that myself. A pathetic bowl of salad already cost RM8-RM12. While I do eat that whenever I can find healthy and fresh salads (those without brown marks on veges) and occasionally prepare it myself or eat ulam, it is not consistent while I can’t keep up with the cost of eating salads at every meal outside. For this reason, I supplement. And I don’t go for any supplements but cellular nutrition.
 Moreover, how much nutrition do we get in the food we eat today with monoculture farming system while filled with chemical fertilizer and pesticides? With fried and processed food, we continuously put potential cancer causing substance in our bodies. Cellular nutrition helps cleanse the body in a healthy way while nourishing it effectively. It feeds every microcells in the body. For this reason, it will benefit diabetics as well.
For this reason, I believe in a balance – have natural food as much as possible and complement it with cellular nutrition. This will definitely boost our immune system.