Sunday, October 31, 2010

My skincare star product

I used to have dry and dehydrated skin and I am really pleased with the NouriFusion MultiVitamin skin (with vitamins A, C and E) care range from Herbalife. I am particularly impressed with the night cream. For me, the night cream is the highlight product in the skincare range while other users whom I know like the Radiant scrub or the neck cream.
Although I use the NouriFusion MultiVitamin skin care range such as the lotion cleanser, toner and day moisturizer, which I find really suit my skin type, it is the night cream that made a huge difference. I have been trying out so many skin care that claims to be hydrating but they did not work for me until I refuse to buy anymore unless a sample is given for me to try it out first.
I used to buy Clarins when my face was really oily but a few weeks after that, my face became very dry and the sales girl asked me to then buy the hydrating range which I refused because I had just spent more than RM500 not too long before that! I tried the sample but somehow it leaves more fine lines on my face like any other products that claim to be hydrating. But I must say that Clarin’s cleanser for oily skin really cleans my T-zone well and I now still use the normal skin cleanser to complement my Herbalife range.

I find the Herbalife NouriFusion MulitiVitamin lotion cleanser even better than Dermalogica lotion cleanser. I use NouriFusion MultiVitamin lotion cleanser to remove make up or just use it for cleansing in the morning. I find the NouriFusion oily skin cleanser too strong for my skin type, hence, I using Clarin’s cleanser for normal skin interchangeably with Herbalife lotion cleanser depending on the condition of my skin on different days.
Now back to the NouriFusion Night Cream. I felt the difference within first use and within a week, my dry and dehydrated skin felt good and in less than a month, my skin recovered totally from dryness. I still use it until now after 10 months and still loving it.
I would highly recommend the NouriFusion MultiVitamin range to those above 30s who suffer from dry skin. I would also recommend the night cream if you are travelling to a dry and cold country at this time of the year.
I also like the NouriFusion Normal to Dry day moisturizer because it has SPF 15. Its toner also effectively removes any residue or dirt and does not strip the skin.
I am also very happy that the prices of these products are one-third less than the price of Clarins

If you have any questions or would like to get some of these products, please contact us at or sign up under MY192708 Chiam Kia Guan or Loh Foon Fong at the Sponsor and Supervisor columns of the membership form you can obtain with payment from the Herbalife headquarters in your country. Thank you.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Prevent dementia by being heart smart

Monday October 25, 2010, The Star

KUALA LUMPUR: Adopting a healthy lifestyle from young can slow down the onset of dementia in old age, said a neurologist.

“If people live healthily and keep vascular problem, diabetes, hypertension and visceral obesity at bay, it would help in the long term to prevent dementia,” said cognitive behaviour neurologist Prof Dr Bhaskara P. Shelley from the Father Muller Medical College in Karnataka, India.

“If you modify your lifestyle and adopt healthy behaviours, it will help protect your brain,” he said, adding that when the brain is protected, the ravages of dementia will be delayed.

While ageing can lead to a healthy person suffering dementia, an unhealthy lifestyle will increase the risk and prevalence, said Dr Shelley in his paper on Healthy Brain Ageing and Preventive Neurology Strategies at the 13th Asia-Pacific Regional Conference of Alzheimer’s Disease International which ended yesterday.

An unhealthy lifestyle depletes the brain’s reserves and precipitates dementia, he added.

Exercise can bring down the build up of amyloid plaques that are thought to contribute to the degradation of the neurons (nerve cells) in the brain and the subsequent symptoms of Alzheimer’s Disease, the main type of dementia.

Dr Shelley also said that a good diet also serves as brain fertiliser and rejuvenates the brain so that dementia does not come too soon.

The idea is to delay the onset of dementia until one outlives one’s life before the disease sets in, he said.

He debunked the myth that Alzheimer’s Disease affects those aged above 65 and said it actually occurs 20 to 30 years earlier.

“The neuro-pathology that starts off (the disease) is very early but most drug treatments are done only after the disease is diagnosed, so that’s pretty late,” he said.

It was important for doctors to use the right drugs at that point of time, he said.

The physical symptoms of dementia at that age may not be clear but diseases like high cholesterol, hypertension and others could determine if one is in the high-risk group, he said.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Chocolate and Tropical Mix

This morning, John made a really nice chocolate shake. Here is the recipe for two persons:

Chocolate shake/smoothiesChocolate shake/smoothies recipe

4 heaping scoops of F1 Chocolate
1 heaping scoop of F1 Vanilla
1 banana
1 dragon fruit
1 Carrefour peach yoghurt (140g)
Ice water

Cut and blend the fruits in some ice water. Top up water until 800ml and then add the F1 Chocolate, F1 Vanilla and yoghurt. Blend until smooth.
To make smoothies, you need a blender with smoothies function:
Cut and blend the fruits in some ice water. Then, put in two mugs of ice cubes or more and blend a bit. Then add F1 Chocolate, F1 Vanilla and yoghurt. Blend until ice is fine. Serve in two big glasses.

This is the recipe that I tried out yesterday

Tropical Fruit recipe
1 Orange
1 Green kiwi
1 green apple
3 heaping scoops of F1 Tropical Fruit
1 heaping scoops of F1 Vanilla
Ice water

Cut and blend fruits in some ice water. Top up ice water to 800ml and add F1 Tropical Fruit and F1 Vanilla. Blend until smooth. Do similar for smoothies as mentioned above.