Monday, August 15, 2011

How much protein do we need?

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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Uma Won!

John and I are really thrilled that Uma has won the first prize of RM1,500 for the Slim and Win contest. We are very impressed with his diligence in adhering to all the advice we have given him.

Of all the people we have coached, Uma’s level of discipline in taking his shake, aloe and teamix daily, as well as following our other advice was unbeatable.

We are very proud of him. We guided him on some basic nutrition as well. Yes, change is slow, so we encourage him to make better choices with his food. We often remind him that he must get his weight down because his weight is taking a toll on his organs. He may be healthy now while he is young, but no one will know when the time bomb will set off.

He lost 10.7kg from the time he came in for the first weigh-in on July 13. Yesterday was the finals. He lost from 102kg to 91.3kg. He looks much trimmer and his skin so good that his girlfriend, Yugnes, is envious:).

Uma was also the first prize winner of the first stage of the Slim and Win contest. During this second weigh-in, he lost a total of 5.7kg within a week, from 102kg to 96.3kg. Uma won RM200 and a bottle of Herbal Aloe concentrate worth RM165.24. The Aloe concentrate helps to clean up the villi in our small intestines and optimise nutrient absorption. It is also very good for improving bowel movement.

We are very proud of his achievement and happy for him, not only because he has won the prize, but that he has taken a serious step towards better health. He followed our advice closely on how to lose weight safely and effectively.

Congratulations Uma! We hope he will continue with the good results until he lose at least another 10kg.

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