Sunday, August 29, 2010

Eat adequately for better weight loss

I came across this article below, 17 Cheap Ways to Jumpstart Your Metabolism, which could help you increase your metabolic rate, which you can add to your good health or Herbalife weigh loss/weight gain efforts.

It is important to have a good metabolic rate, otherwise, it would be difficult to lose weight. Besides doing some exercises, it also involves eating adequately and that means try and eat adequate healthy food instead of not eating. Yes, crash diet doesn’t work.

On the caffeine bit, replace coffee with Herbalife Lemon and Hibiscus botanical tea mix. That’s because Herbalife tea has high anti-oxidants (miniscule caffein), keeps you awake without the heart palpitations and helps flush out some toxins.

Those prone to heartburn or suffering from gastritis should avoid coffee.

Also, I would caution on the advice (in the article) on snacking the whole day. One should have something in the stomach every four hours but not constant snacking. Here is a healthy example of how one should eat:

8am – Shake breakfast
12noon – Colourful lunch
4pm – Shake (without F3) or light snack
7.30pm – Light/decent dinner or Herbalife shake (for those on Herbalife programme to lose weight)
11pm – Sleep

Below is the article, 17 Cheap Ways to Jumpstart Your Metabolism:

Monday, August 23, 2010

Citrusy Delight

This morning John made a really nice citrusy shake for two.
Here are the ingredients he had added into the F1s:

3 flat scoops of F1 Tropical Fruit
2 flat scoops of F1 Vanilla
2 tablespoons of plain low fat yoghurt
2 green apples
1 orange

Cut green apples (peel, if preferred) and orange after skin removed, into small pieces. Blend them in some water.
Top up the blend with ice water until you reach the 800ml measurement and add in the F1s and yoghurt and blend until smooth.
Serve in 2 tall glasses. The delicious breakfast is ready!

A friend had also introduced us this recipe with F1 Tropical Fruit which I thought really perk me up in the morning. Here’s a recipe for two:

3 flat scoops of F1 Tropical Fruit
2 flat scoops of F1 Vanilla
2 tablespoons of plain low-flat yoghurt
2 green apples
2 slices of lemon (thickness 0.5cm each)

Cut green apples (peel as well if preferred) and cut two slices of lemon. Blend them, including lemon skin, in some water. Lemon skin is good for liver cleansing.
Top up the blend with ice water until you reach the 800ml mark and add in the F1s and blend until smooth.
Serve in 2 tall glasses. This will surely wake you up!

I never use to like F1 Tropical Fruit but have come to love it with the combinations above. Enjoy!

Monday, August 16, 2010

Funniest joke of the year

Nine months ago, relatives, friends and strangers alike had come up to me and asked if I was pregnant. Yes, when several people ask you the same question, it’s time to take note. My fat-filled abdomen had become big enough to be noticed. Unfortunately, I had inherited such a body frame from my mother’s side of the family. My maternal grandpa had it, my late mum had it, an aunt, an uncle and two brothers, including the fittest, have the pouch.

Now after nine months, just the past Thursday while queuing up at our office cafeteria, a colleague I hardly knew asked me, “You delivered already, ah?”

I was stunned but decided to tell her that I’ve lost more than 7kg of fat and she remarked, “Oh, you did very well after birth.” At this point, I was not sure whether it was the café operators who were more stunned or me. The aunties at the café had a few weeks ago said I looked good these days and asked what I had done to lose weight.

I didn’t realise the drastic change until many people had come up and asked me. I haven’t expected such overwhelming response.

The next time anyone asked that, I think I should say that I had delivered more than 7kg of fat. I am now at seven-and-a-half month on the Herbalife nutritional shake. I thought I could not lose anymore weight after losing 5kg at the third month. All I did was just change my breakfast by taking low-calorie, healthy and delicious shake.

Now, relatives, friends and some acquaintances are on it to lose weight. I am glad to play a part in reducing their health risks and contribute to one less or delayed diabetic victim, busted kidneys, blindness, clogged arteries and hypertensive person.

Please email if you have any questions. Sorry, I have not allowed comments because I don't have the time to monitor this blog constantly.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Enjoying durian again

More than a week ago, John and I ate five whole durians within a week. That was a record for us, although it might not be much for others. I had not eaten so many durians for many years and in recent years, it was usually just two or three seeds at any one time. That was because each time I ate, my body temperature would rise quickly and my hands would hurt from arthritic flare-ups. It was literally having fever in the hands.

The pain and suffering did not deter me from eating, hence, the very limited amount. Fortunately, I did not miss it too much although I enjoy the fruit tremendously. The only time I had eaten the fruit a bit more was when we managed to get hold of jungle durians from an orang asli who sold the durians by the roadside when we travelled to Cameron Highlands the year before. That was the only time I did not seem to suffer from any symptoms or pain in my hands. It made me wonder if the pain had to do with the amount of pesticide residue in durians since hybrid ones would definitely contain more of it.

Anyway, I had five durians with John this time, and the rise in temperature in my hands was so insignificant that if I had not observed it, I wouldn’t have realised it. I had quickly down the Herbalife tea mix each time I had durians and it helped a great deal in busting heatiness and inflammation in my hands. Oh, it was glorious to be able to enjoy durians without hurting. I would not normally eat this way. It was a sudden urge to eat durians. I sometimes give in to the sudden desire to eat certain food because I believe that there are times the body needs certain nutrients. After all, I seldom have a lot of uncontrollable cravings for oily and sweet food anymore since taking Herbalife. So, if it happens on rare occasions, there is always room for a little indulgence.

There will be no excuse if there are cravings every other day or week. If that is the case, it can be a sign that the body lacks nutrients, as in my case, because since getting enough nutrients from Herbalife supplements (from natural food alone is not enough), I hardly suffer from much cravings for oily and sweet food.

If people still have cravings and uncontrollable appetite to eat more than they can burn up their fat despite feeding themselves well, this will be sheer gluttony and at the root of it, greediness. It warrants repentance from God or perhaps counseling to correct the disorder:)

While in Penang for a short break (July 24-26) and for my grandaunt's 90th birthday celebration, we had the Red Prawn besides D8 and another hybrid I could not remember. The Red Prawn had excellent texture and not too sweet. The slight bitterish taste suited me fine.

Back in KL, an uncle treated us to Musang King and D24. I tried Musang King for the first time and this was the best durian I've ever eaten. I like it better than the Red Prawn, although I like both. The D24 we had were really good as well.

Back on my journey with Herbalife, I have also noticed that a tooth ache that I used to suffer from for a year, is now gone. I used to get intense pain on one of my big molars whenever I accidentally slurp in hot soup (not too hot) onto that tooth. It would hurt so badly for awhile and then would follow by a dull ache throughout the day. The dentist had asked me to do a root canal and I had planned to get it done. But now that I did not have any more pain in the last two months whenever I had similar hot soup, I am now thinking if I should still go ahead and get a root canal done.

I wonder whether the calcium in Herbalife F1 had helped strengthened my tooth. Perhaps, with better sleep after taking the product, coupled with all the 55 types of nutrients, the body now has less problems. I feel better each day.

I thought I would give up on taking the product after one month since I thought I could not live without nasi lemak and roti canai. Moreover, I had always thought I could not live without starting the day with savoury food after my fruit. But surprisingly, after seven months, I always miss my shake every morning and want to take it and I do not crave for savoury food like before. I am not sure why I am not bored with the shake. But one thing is for sure. I feel so alert and energetic after taking the shake while high-carb breakfast makes me sleepy. It makes a big difference in my energy level.